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PSAMPB VE Day 75, “Battle’s O’erEvents

VE Day 75

VE Day 75, “Battle’s O’er”

Individual Events


Message from Merlin Sereld Victor Gilbert Hay

24th Earl of Erroll

Lord High Constable of Scotland

Lord Hay and Slains, and

32nd Chief of the Clan Hay.

I call upon all pipers throughout the world to participate in marking this important milestone in history by taking part in a worldwide celebration on 8th May 2020 and playing the designated tunes at 3pm local time that afternoon as part of VE Day 75.

VE Day 75

The Palm Springs Air Museum Pipe Band was thrilled to associate itself with the


VE Day 75 Organization

We payed homage to “Our Greatest Generation” who served in WW II.

These intrepid souls who served in harm's way in all Branches of the Services and the Merchant Marines, or those civilians on the Home Front supporting wartime industries and keeping the Home Fires going amongst all, participating

WW II Allied Nations.


The PSAMPB's intent was to promote the

PSAMPB “Battle’s O’er” Individual Event


by challenging our Bandsmen on the afternoon of:

Friday May 8th, 2020

To break out the pipes for an impromptu or pre-planned recital for their work colleagues, friends and family or become the “Busker “of the moment wherever they may be.

They were highly encouraged to record themselves as they played

Battle's Over

and submit to us a still photo, video or audio with the particulars of the location of where they played.

As well a virtual PSAMPB mass rendition was created and can be seen below.

Additionally, a special, unique tune was written by

Pipe Major Roger Baynes, City of Norwich Pipe Band,

for this important anniversary.

A copy of the new tune, "VE 75 Years" can be downloaded from the link below.



Although technically the event is behind us. If you are in the presence of mind to honor our


"Greatest Generation"


by holding your own


"PSAMPB “Battle’s O’er” Event

forward us your video's and we'll add them to this

" VE Day 75 Site"

Record yourself playing “Battle O'er” and submit it to the Drum Major at If you have problems submitting your video or recording yourself, reach out to us at (951) 438 5857 and we’ll work out a solution for you.

It's not too late folks, the "Fat Lady" isn't singing yet. Send me your videos I'll put them up.

Screenshot (36).png

PSAMPB, “Battle’s O’er”  Virtual Mass Band Event

Screenshot (26).png
Screenshot (42).png

Len Box Reminiscing about WWII & Playing Battle’s O’er


Victoria, BC

Screenshot (34).png
#1B Semi Formal.gif


Robert Heggie


Pipe Major

Palm Desert


Palm Spring

Air Museum

Pipe Band

Band Staff Playing

Battle’s O’er


Shaun Griffith


Pipe Sergeant

Morongo Valley


Screenshot (22).png

Bill Partridge





Screenshot (44).png

Graham Bailey &Samuel Doyle 


Dupuis Park in West Kelowna BC

Screenshot (29).png

Maureen (Mo) Soichuk


Kalamalka Lake Lookout, Vernon BC


Screenshot (30).png

Tom Skinner


Kalamalka Lake Lookout, Vernon BC


Screenshot (32).png

Mike Fitak


Palm Desert


Screenshot (38).png

Gord Mathers


Kalamalka Lake Lookout, Vernon BC


Screenshot (40).png

Jack Grant


Kamloops, BC

Calgary District.jpeg

Calgary & District Pipe Band


Battle’s O’er


Calgary Military Museum

Conditions were marginal and copious amounts of libations were needed to thaw people out.


Well Done CDPB

L-R Dave Botkin, Arlene Murphy, P/M Jim Perry, Ewan Ferrier, Bill Partridge


This is not a Palm Springs Air Museum Pipe Band event but it involves VE Day, a Bagpiper and the sweetest Grandmother you could ever hope for.

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