and the



2nd JUNE 2022


The team that organized past piping events such as


the 100th Anniversary of WW1 in 2018


the 75th Anniversaries of VE & VJ Day in 2020,

are once again inviting drummers and pipers to take part in a historic event.


As the sun sets across the UK, the Commonwealth and the World on 2nd June 2022,

individual pipers and pipe bands are being asked to play

“Diu Regnare”

from central locations of their choice from within their local communities as a tribute to

"Her Majesty The Queen"

The time in the UK will be 9:09 PM, please check your local sunset time for when to play.

As the pipes and drums finish, more than 1,500 beacons will be lit throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories, and one in each of the capital cities of Commonwealth countries in recognition of The Queen’s long and selfless service.

Please feel free to mark the occasion in your own way.


"Diu Regnare"

This unique tune has been specially written for this historic Jubilee by

Stuart Liddell

2020 Glenfiddich Champion

Pipe Major of the World Champion Pipe Band, Inveraray and District.

Diu Regnare.png

Joyful Skirl



From balconies and windows and front porches across the country, people cheer, holler, whistle, bang pots and pans together, play an instrument and more. The concerted “Make A Joyful Noise” effort is all in the name of letting healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers and others on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis know just how much they are appreciated.

Making Joyful Noise is something we Pipers are very prolific at so this whole initiative is a perfect fit for the likes of us. With that in mind we at PSAMPB are calling all Pipers. Join the movement and think about holding a:


“Joyful Skirl Event”

Challenge yourself and see if you can bring some cheer to someone, anyone somewhere.


You don’t think this works?


Check it out here


However, as we encourage you to demonstrate your support to our Coronavirus Frontline Workers, it is only right and proper that you should be kept safe and healthy, so ensure you do this from a safe and suitable location during these trying times.


VE Day 75

The Palm Springs Air Museum Pipe Band is thrilled to be associating itself with the


VE Day 75 Organization

We will pay homage to “Our Greatest Generation” who served in WW II.

These intrepid souls who served in harm's way in all Branches of the Services and the Merchant Marines, or those civilians on the Home Front supporting wartime industries and keeping the Home Fires going amongst all, participating

WW II Allied Nations.


The PSAMPB's intent is to promote the

VE Day 75, “Battle’s O’er”

event in Southern California and any outlying area in the Continental USA and Canada.



Calling all Pipers


Join us for the:


PSAMPB “Battle’s O’er” Individual Event


Challenge yourself on the afternoon of:

Friday May 8th, 2020 @ 3PM

Break out the pipes for an impromptu or pre-planned recital for your Work Colleagues, Friends and Family or become the “Busker “of the moment wherever you may be. However, as we encourage solo pipers to mark the occasion, it is right and proper that you should be kept safe and healthy, so ensure you do this from a safe and suitable location during these trying times.

Record yourself as you play

Battle's Over

and submit us a still photo, video or audio with your particulars and the location where you played. We’ll upload your picture or recording on our Band “VE Day 75 Page” to commemorate your efforts in this endeavor and share these with the "VE Day 75 Organization" and the piping world.



Although technically the event is behind us. If you are in the presence of mind to honor our


"Greatest Generation"


by holding your own


"PSAMPB “Battle’s O’er” Event

forward me your video's and I'll add them to our 

" VE Day 75 Page"

It's not too late folks, the "Fat Lady" isn't singing yet. Send me your videos I'll put them up.

PSAMPB Virtual Mass Band
With the Pandemic getting an early start, the PSAMPB playing season was cut very short. Currently with most of us restricted at home because of the self-isolation the probability of piping as a group, in the near future are next to nil.
…or is it…
After watching the “Chino Valley HS Choir”  it was apparent that a solution was at hand for us.
The intent is to create a virtual video montage of the PSAMPB playing
“Battles Over” en Mass
Subsequently we’ll upload it on our Website and the Air Museum You Tube Channel  
What is requested is that individually you record yourself playing “Battle O'er” as you would for the PSAMPB “Battle’s O’er” Event and submit it to the Drum Major at . If you have problems submitting your video or recording yourself, reach out to him at (951) 438 5957 and he’ll work out a solution for you.

VE Day 75, “Battle’s O’er”

Individual Events


Message from Merlin Sereld Victor Gilbert Hay

24th Earl of Erroll

Lord High Constable of Scotland

Lord Hay and Slains, and

32nd Chief of the Clan Hay.

I call upon all pipers throughout the world to participate in marking this important milestone in history by taking part in a worldwide celebration on 8th May 2020 and playing the designated tunes at 3pm local time that afternoon as part of VE Day 75.

“Battle’s O’er” - VE Day 75 Individual Event

This specific event is being organized to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the end of the War in Europe on 8th May 1945. Along with paying an important, unique 'tribute' to those amazing, brave Pipers that either lost their lives or returned home dreadfully wounded during, or after the war in Europe (VE Day). This event is inclusive of those Pipers still involved in the Pacific and Far East conflict until the 15th August 1945 (VJ Day).

The organizers are asking all Pipers around the world, at 3pm local time on the 8th May 2020 at a location of their choice, in the country they are in to take part. This historic anniversary will be celebrated by having Pipers playing

"Battle's O'er", the traditional tune played by Pipers at the end of a battle.

As well, a special, unique tune was written by Pipe Major Roger Baynes, City of Norwich Pipe Band,

for this important anniversary.

A copy of the new tune, "VE 75 Years" can be downloaded from the links' above.