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QUE II Tribute

Queen Elizabeth II Tribute

Memorial Day 2022

PSAMPB Playing for Cathedral City
High School Band 

Palm Springs Air Museum Pipe Band

had a unique opportunity to team up with the Cathedral City High School Band. The goal and intent for the CCHS Band was to develop a Strategic Alliance, to develop a fledging Junior Pipe Band similar to the Glendora Pipe Band. Secondly to develop the musical abilities of these CCHS Bandsmen, so they can easily integrate themselves with the PSAMPB or any other Pipe Bands they may so choose. Thirdly, to foster a love for the Highland Pipe Music so that CCHS Bandsmen will carry it with them throughout their life and pursue it wherever they may be.

Lastly and More Specifically


Regrettably interest in a program like this is wanning and it looks like we won't be moving forward. In an effort to generate interest we played for the HS Bandsmen informally and subsequently at the CCHS STARDUST Performance Arts Expo.

(see our pictures below) 

PSAMPB informally playing for
Cathedral City

High School Band 

PSAMPB Formally Playing at the
Cathedral City HS
STARDUST Performance Arts Expo

Memorial Day 2021

Recognizing our Own