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Dear Members.

The Membership Portal is not ideal and multiple people have signed in multiple times without successfully logging on. So, for the Membership Portal Narrative I have included short directions complete with pictures. The documents might appear big because of the number of pictures but it really isn't. Follow these directions at the links, point by point and you should do fine. As important is your biographical paragraph at the bottom of this page. At your leisure please take the time to fill it out.

Members Signing & Logging

In This Website

“SIGN IN” Procedure

This is a shorter version of the document published last time.


Sign In

“LOG IN” Procedure

This simplified document is a shorten version of the second part of the document published last time.


Log In


Bandsmen Members Portal Here





I know, “Signing In” and then having to “Log In” again is time intensive. You’ve got music to learn and play; but we have various form to generate our “Membership Data Set”, fill in the “Bandsmen Page” and “Registering for the Air Museum Insurance”. Plus our Event Schedular is underused and we end up generating all those bulk emails that fill your inbox just trying to let you know what’s going on. Doesn’t a single point sound much better to figure out what’s going on?



“Music & Bagpiper Access” Procedure

Here you’ll find the vast majority of our music gathered as PDF Music Sheets or in interactive Freeware Files called Bagpiper Player. In the link below, you'll find directions on how to access them. Check them out & have fun.

Our Tunes

Your Biographies

This is intended for you our Bandsmen to keep us up to date on what's going on with you Please see the data fields below and fill out as you see fit. The fields clear themselves once your data is submitted. Also once you upload a picture it goes straight to the data base and will not be visible. Update only if their are changes to your last input. Data collected here will be uploaded in the "The Bandsmen" page in the public portion of this Website. Any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact our Web Master here.

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