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Robert Heggie

   Born in Vancouver, Canada, the son of a proud Scot from Falkirk, Robert Heggie became a champion in both individual and pipe band competition at a very early age. He then became an individual piping instructor and locally renowned Pipe Major and Pipe Band instructor, (Delta Police Pipe Band, Niagara Falls Police Pipe band, Seaforth Highlanders, Army Navy Air Force Veterans, to name only a few bands he has played with).

   Beginning at age 6, Robert has been piping since 1956. He was champion in Western Canada by 10, competed at 12 in the world’s championships in Scotland, received a piping scholarship at Simon Fraser University, (this band has gone on to become the World’s Champion grade one pipe band – numerous times), is accredited by the Queens Piper, Director British Army School of Piping, has been written about in a number of books, countless newspapers, played before Royalty, Prime Ministers, Governors, and more

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