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May 2020


Good People, Bandsmen & Friends.

Ceud Mìle Fàilte

In an effort to streamline our communications. Material that is of relevance and repeated from Newsletter to Newsletter will be maintained in this Addendum.

Contents of the Addendum 


                          Section A1:  The Website Page    WhatsApp
                                                                                Membership Access Page
                                                                                Your Biographies
                                                                                Air Museum Volunteer Form
                                                                                Contact Us
                                                                                Social Events of Note                                                                                                           Desert Kilties
                          Section A2:  The Kit List              PSAMPB Order of Dress
                                                                                Highland Gear Purveyors
                                                                                My Kilt Maker
                                                                                J Higgins
                                                                                The Scottish Trading Company
                                                                                Guys & Gals Uniform
                                                                                Gales Uniform
                           Section A3: Bagpipe & Things    Tuning of the Pipes
                           Section A4:  Closing Note            Pictures






Still trying to streamline our communications by using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free App, available on phones or PCs. We can connect with ourselves on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way. Here’s the link for your use below. Afterwards reach out to the DM @ 951 438 5857 by text with your name so he can capture you on the PSAMPB WhatsApp chatline. 

Membership Access Page


Here you’ll find the Membership Portal with Specific Procedural Narrative on how to complete all the Sign In, Log In, Admin and Music Access requirements.  This link will take you there directly, so no more reasons for not joining us.

Your Biographies 


Some may have noticed that on “The Bandsmen Page” are short Bandsmen Bios with Headshots. These are there for your convenience; but the form that generates this has been moved to the “Membership Access Page”. Go to the bottom of the “Membership Access Page” and fill out the form.

Air Museum Insurance

Below is a link to the “Air Museum Volunteer Form” instructions. If you haven’t registered as a volunteer yet, please do so now. Once you are registered with them, please forward your volunteer number to
reach out.jpg

Contact Us

To all our Bandsmen whether already here in the Coachella Valley or our cherished “Snowbirds”. Can you make an effort to contact the DM at  and confirm your phone number and email whenever their are changes. 

Social Events of Note

Desert Kilties

Important Notice

Because of the Coronavirus the Kilties are cancelling meetings until further notice.



Black Stewart Tartan.jpg

Order of Dress

The following provides the Dress Code which all Band Members should follow carefully. Due to the fact that each Band Members are Ambassadors for the Band it is extremely important that he/she be turned out to perfection. Follow the link below for the different orders of dress.
PSAMPB Dress Uniforms
Here is a list of our kit and the proper way to wear it.
Our Kit List

Celtic Accoutrements Purveyor’s

We understand that purchasing these items can be costly and in fact may create a barrier for your participation with us. The following is a list of our purveyors from whom we have purchased various pieces of kit. The list is not all inclusive and go from top of the line (Think Suits from Zaks on 5th Ave) to more middle ground (Think Business Suits from Mikes Work Warehouse) purveyors. This should help you in selecting your kit.
Kilt Maker
Ghillies, hoses and kilt can be purchased from Susan Rose at My Kilt Maker. Apparently, she is a fountain of information about Highland Apparel and can fit you there and then. She is in Valley Center which is near Temecula. Follow the link below and have a look at her site. Kilts run at about $450.
My Kilt Maker
J Higgins
A good source of various Highland accoutrements. Kilts run at about $400-$450.
Higgins Kilts
Of interest to us is our band Belt Buckle with Belt which can be had for about $55.
Higgins Belt Buckle
The Scottish Trading Company
Another good source of various Highland accoutrements. Kilts run at about $400-$550. Of interest to us is that this company has our sporrans listed at $125.
Scottish Thistle Leather Sporran
They also have our buckle listed for $50 but it doesn’t have the belt. Ultimately you might save on shipping ordering from the one company.
Highland Saltire Kilt Belt Buckle with Black
Guys & Gals Uniform
1105 N Gene Autry Trl, Unit B
Palm Springs, CA 92262.
Excellent source for our short sleeve shirts. Ask for a Edwards Code 3 Black & White Shirts. I think they run at about $25 each. Sorry no links for this one.
Gales Uniform
Riverside, intersection of 215 & 91.
Another excellent source for our short sleeve shirts. Various brands available that run at about $10-$50 each.
Gales Shirts
Very good source of various Highland accoutrements. Kilts run at about $135. If you want to see one of these the DM will have one for your viewing at the next couple of practices. Band Staff has viewed them and found them quite suitable. (Think Business Suits from Mikes Work Warehouse).
UTKilts Kilts
Argyll Formal Kilt Vest are $ 29.50
Argyll Formal Vest
Hoses are $8.50
UTKilts Hoses
Of interest to us is that this company may be able to provide our Buckle at $11.50 and Belts at $17.50 so say $29-$30. Argyle Vests for $35 and possible our Sporrans for a yet to be determine cost but they have alternatives in the $18-$75 range. see samples below.
    UTKilts Sporran
UTKilts Belts
    UTKilts Buckles



Tuning of our Pipes

For your information there are free downloadable tuner apps for your usage. Recommend either the Braw Bagpipe Tuner App or the Accord Chromatic Tuner app. Both are free Android Apps and come with some limitations, but for a few bucks you can get a more complete app. For IPhones it appears, only the Braw Bagpipe Tuner app is Freeware but there are others at a reasonable cost. So, this should allow you to start tuning your chanters to 484 hz frequency for Low A prior to practice or showing up for a gig or parade. If you can think about balancing the chanter and setting the tenor drones at 242 and the bass drone at 121. Lastly, those of you who have a mindset for it, how about investing in a poly McCallum Ceol chanter. That will help tremendously with the pipe setup.

Also, in an effort to get an even sound the band uses Melvin reeds primarily but for those interested in trying new reeds, especially older pipers and those just coming up on the pipes, try Colin Maclellan reeds. Colin is a renowned piper, winner of the Highland Society of London Gold Medals, Silver Chanters and myriad other major awards, as well as the former pipe-major of top-grade bands. His reeds promise instant functionality, great robust sound, and most importantly, a class of reeds that suit the "senior" piper who is looking for an easy reed that delivers great sound. You can purchase the reeds directly from him at or from any bagpipe supplier.



donald pipes.gif
If you have any pictures of a younger you piping or drumming,
kindly provide them to the DM for future insert in our Newsletter.
Robert Heggie, PM                           Robert Heggie 714‐749‐0069
Tony Parise, XO                            Tony Parise (760) 578‐0495
Shaun Griffith, Pipe Sgt                Shaun Griffith (760) 851‐7602
Pierre McIntyre, DM              Pierre McIntyre (951) 438‐5857 
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